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Hi. If you've reached this page - you're likely intrigued about our offering, our journey and our purpose. Visit this blog area to find out more. We are engineers with a conviction that digital platforms and eCosystems can and will offer better solutions for investors to self-manage their investment portfolio and receive better returns than they have by entrusting their capital to 'experts'. We believe this because we understand what's possible with technology and we trusted our own wealth to experts for decades and we're not that impressed with the results. Don't take our word for it though.

PwC's asset and wealth management research division in Switzerland wrote the following in their revolution in Asset Management Report:

"Change in the asset and wealth management industry (the ‘AWM industry’) is now accelerating at an exponential rate. Although the industry is set for growth over the next ten years, asset and wealth managers must become business revolutionaries, even disruptors, if they’re to survive and prosper. Now is the time for action."*

"Technology is set to disrupt all areas of the industry. From investment advice, to research and portfolio management, through the middle and back offices to client engagement and distribution, there will be far-reaching change. While some firms are leveraging technology in specific areas of their businesses, in the future, technology experts and data scientists will become vital for success across the business."*

*PwC, Asset Management Revolution White Paper.

The way I read this information from a business strategy point of view is that companies like Aieden Technologies, who are able to build a sustainable, repeatable methodology for building high quality automated trading strategies that offer both a higher Alpha and lower Beta at a low cost compared to traditional asset management products and who utilize regulated digital eCosystems to offer those to licensed professionals or individual investors to utilize in their portfolio - will face a lot of wind in their sails.

We bet our careers that this in fact is a real, necessary and value-added strategic shift in the industry.

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