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23/01/2023: Aieden Technologies releases the Aieden Trendline Breakout and the Aieden Pivot Trendline Breakout Strategies, for the cTrader platform made available for download on our partner store ClickAlgo.

These strategies use differing means for evaluating higher and lower trendlines, overlaid on the asset price-action to initiate BUY and SELL signals upon breakout conditions from the trendlines on the close price.

Trading breakouts is a common way of catching high momentum events where price trades within a channel or by testing an upper or lower trendline prior to breaking out. These breakouts when configured appropriately often result in a new trend in the direction of the breakout prior to a renewed reversal. These strategies use two different mechanisms for trading these breakouts to catch this new trend direction creation in either a long or short direction.

The Aieden Trendline Breakout Strategy uses an ATR-based technique to determine the angle for upper and lower trendlines superimposed on the price action. The ATR parameters for these trendlines can be determined through optimization for the particular asset across different asset timeframe parameters.


The Aieden Pivot Trendline Breakout Strategy uses an approach to determine pivot points (by looking at price data highs and lows to the left and right of each historical price candle) and then connecting the latest two pivot points to form a trendline. This strategy can be combined with an MACD confirmation indicator to trade breakouts with sufficient momentum.

Both strategies can be combined with take profit and stop-losses levels (static or ATR dynamic based). The Aieden Pivot Trendline Breakout Strategy also has the advantage of having the pivot trendline timeframe and MACD timeframe being configurable separately from the asset candle price timeframe.

With all these configuration options, these two strategies can create flexible multi-asset strategy combinations for trading breakouts successfully. Both strategies come with options to buy with source- code included to allow trading system developers to build on top of a flexible framework of a multi- timeframe strategy with stop-loss and take-profit configurations.

You can download these strategies from ClickAlgo through the links below:


You can find all our ClickAlgo strategies on the Aieden Technologies page of ClickAlgo:

“These two trading strategies come as part of our commitment to release a dozen strategies in the first three months of the year on ClickAlgo”, mentioned Yiannis Pavlou, founder and managing director of Aieden. “We are continuing with our roadmap to release a dozen of our core strategy components, while we work towards a set of 100 trading strategies across asset categories for our Robots-as-a-Service offering for brokers. This will bring us to the end of the year where we aim to have a highly sophisticated multi-asset, multi-strategy offering on cTrader Copy that benefits from sector rotation”, he continued.


“We are working hard to support the community with these new breakout strategies on ClickAlgo”, said Dr. Panagiotis Charalampous, founder and Chief Technologist and developer of the Aieden technology. “Often these packaged strategies are the base components that traders use and come to us for combination and modification, through our custom development services”, he continued. “We have a very ambitious plan taking us to the end of the year 2023.”

For more information please contact us at:


9/01/2023: Aieden Technologies releases the Bollinger & Ichimoku Momentum Trading Strategy on our partner ClickAlgo store.

Aieden Technologies releases the Aieden Bollinger and Ichimoku Cloud Momentum Strategy, for the cTrader platform made available for download on our partner ClickAlgo. This strategy uses the common momentum indicators of Bollinger Band and Ichimoku cloud, packaged in a flexible and configurable multi-timeframe strategy to allow development of a powerful momentum trading strategy. Bollinger bands are often used to gauge price movement between breakout / trend conditions (momentum) as well as mean reversal. In a similar way, the Ichimoku Cloud indicator is often used to indicate conditions where price movement indicates a breakout with sufficient momentum to generate a longer-term trend. This strategy allows the user to configure a long/short momentum strategy using Bollinger band breakouts, Ichimoku cloud breakouts – separately or together - with each being configured in a different timeframe and the timeframe of the price that gates the execution of the algorithm. The user can also combine stop loss and take profit parameters (static and ATR-based dynamic) to obtain a strategy that meet their criteria. 


You can download and install the Aieden Bollinger / Ichimoku Cloud Momentum Strategy below:


“The Aieden Bollinger and Ichimoku Cloud Momentum Strategy is part of our commitment to make components utilized in the development of our trading systems available to users as a license, supporting the algorithmic trading community development for cTrader.”, said Yiannis Pavlou – co-founder of Aieden Technologies. 


“You will see us release more than a dozen strategies in the next months, available on ClickAlgo as license downloads – these will be the same components by which we develop and deploy our own robots-as-a-service for broker customers and ultimately lead us to the path of releasing trading systems available through copy-trading – combining multi-asset, multi-strategy, diversified portfolio trading – stemming from our current research and offering releases.”, he continued. 


“We are working hard to release multiple algos as licenses on ClickAlgo as well as build custom algorithms for clients coming from ClickAlgo”, said Dr. Panagiotis Charalampous – Chief Technology Officer of Aieden Technologies. “We want our research to be made available to the community in parallel with building differentiated algorithmic offerings for our broker B2B service and ultimately get us to complete the development of highly sophisticated multi-asset, multi-strategy, diversified algorithmic trading strategies with highly differentiated performance as wealth-management technologies”. 


For more information please contact us at:


3/10/2022: Aieden Technologies partners with Skilling, a globally regulated broker to offer the Aieden DYNAMIC trading system on cTrader Copy.

Aieden Technologies announces the release of their Aieden DYNAMIC trading system algo in Partnership with Skilling, a leading internationally regulated broker. Aieden DYNAMIC is available through the cTrader Copy ecosystem on all brokers that support cTrader copy. As the master provider account is on Skilling, we recommend you open a cTrader account on Skilling to minimize latency in mirroring of trades. 


Aieden DYNAMIC is a volatility adaptive swing-trading algorithm which delivers signals for the Nasdaq100 index in both the long and short direction, in order to eliminate the risk of market direction. The algorithm uses proprietary and conventional techniques for trend, volatility and cycle-detection. 


To stay up to date on Aieden Technologies news, updates and releases - please visit our website at and join our Telegram channel at


5/10/2022: Dr. Panagiotis Charalambous, co-founder of Aieden Technologies, joins full-time to develop advanced trading systems and tools.

Dr. Panagiotis Charalambous, one of the two co-founders of Aieden Technologies Ltd, will be joining Aieden Technologies full-time starting October 1st. Most recently, Panagiotis worked for Spotware, the company which develops and sells cTrader, where he served a Director of the User Community.  


 “This was a natural evolution for me”, stated Panagiotis –  “we believe that after 18 months of research on algorithmic trading strategies, optimization approaches and hybrid systems (machine learning augmenting signal processing techniques for trading systems) – Aieden Technologies is well positioned to pursue its business model forward. We are ready to empower the cTrader ecosystem with highly differentiated systems, education and services that enable a better approach towards trading, wealth management and ultimately growing capital with a defined level of risk”.  


Aieden Technologies Ltd. was founded in 2021 with a vision of leveraging the latest academic research, open-source development and broker platforms & ecosystems to help retail investors grow their capital.  Aieden Technologies provides consulting, research, coding and trader education services on signal-processing (technical analysis) / machine learning hybrid trading systems.

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