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Built to Last

At Aieden Technologies we aspire to organically grow through bottom-up innovation so that we can build and maintain a unique work culture, where all participants operate as business stakeholders who share a common fate. In this way we will build a best-place-to-work environment that is built into the business model and culture.

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Who We Are

Yiannis Pavlou


Founder & Managing Director

A veteran of the US high-technology industry, Yiannis worked for NI, a Nasdaq listed multinational for 21 years - in professional and executive roles globally - leading all aspects of offering development, sales, business development, strategy creation, planning, team and organizational development. Yiannis is extremely passionate about organizational and team development and serves as the master consultant in our Strategy Acceleration services. Yiannis also believes in the maxim that 'Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast" and promotes the development of unique, highly productive and high engagement workplaces.

Panagiotis Charalambous


Founder & Chief Technologist

Panagiotis defines himself as a software engineer with benefits. With 15+ years of experience in software development companies, he has mastered the process of delivering code that adds value to society, both code-wise and human-wise. He is passionate about developing software that predicts and consults. Hence his research work in acoustics predictions and his current engagement in financial trading algorithms. His 6 years service at a major trading platforms provider has equipped him with all the necessary skills for designing, developing and delivering financial technology solutions.

Mariana Wilson


Office Manager & Customer Service Specialist

Mariana is a German-American native, relocated to the beautiful island of Cyprus. After a multi-decade career ensuring that foreign shipping companies registered in Cyprus run like clockwork - she found an opportunity to whip a tech company into shape. Mariana runs everything from customer service, website, supplier relationships, legal and accounting services and manages administrative topics for the team. 

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