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Copy Trading, Algorithms-as-a-License, Robots-as-a-Service and R&D Consulting

Copy-Trading SYSTEMS

Completely automated trading systems available on the cTrader Copy Ecosystem

Aieden EURUSD Grid Growth Strategy

Aieden EURUSD Grid


Aieden EURUSD Grid is a cTrader Copy Master Strategy operating on a live account that employs a mean reversion technique with a proprietary filter - trading the EURUSD Fx pair in both long and short directions during oversold and overbought conditions. We overlay a grid management strategy on top of the native mean-revision strategy to ensure that win-rate is improved. This strategy has had many years of excellent backtesting risk/reward performance and is intended to serve as a component of a self-directed investor's portfolio. 




Aieden Technology Momentum (Nasdaq100 Index)


Aieden Technology Momentum is a cTrader Copy Master Strategy operating on a live account that employs our momentum trading technique with two proprietary filters - trading the Nasdaq100 Index in both long and short directions. This strategy has exceptional risk/reward performance for 8 years of backtesting performance as well as live results that replicate the backtesting statistics. This strategy is also intended as a component of a self-directed investor's portfolio. 


Differentiated performance

24/7 Operation on hosted VPS

Market direction agnostic

Pay only for success with high watermark

Proprietary Technology

Select your own Broker

Fully client self-managed accounts

ClickAlgo the store for cTrader Algos


Useful trading systems and indicators developed for ourselves and sold as a license

As we identify interesting algorithms to be used as indicators or as complete trading strategies, we assess the most useful ones and make them available on our partner cTrader marketplace ClickAlgo. This allows traders developing their own automated trading strategies to benefit from our experience, hard-work and code.


Research and Development Services for Algorithmic Trading Systems.

We have decades of trading expertise and tens of man years of experience researching, discovering, evaluating, optimizing and testing algorithms for trading. We audit the academic literature, we read the prominent books on algorithmic trading and we evaluate code from the open-source community. We are especially passionate about the promise of machine learning / signal-processing hybrid algorithms as enabling technology to enhance financial predictions. Get in touch with us so that we can help you with the research and development of your own trading system.

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for Brokers

Get custom, cutting-edge trading systems tailored exclusively for you and your customers. Offer native automated copy trading strategies that ensure a top-notch trading experience, providing a premium gateway into the world of trading. We'll host your personalized strategies separately from other clients, all under one simple monthly fee that you can cancel anytime. Supports cTrader and MT4 with ability to integrate to YOUR technology stack. 

Build your own bespoke, native copy eCosystem

100% 24/7 VPS Hosted (Contabo)

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