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Science & Engineering applied to Copy-Trading eCosystems !

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Inspired by technology innovation as a vehicle for human progress.

We're a small team of technology entrepreneurs, aged in high-technology careers. We witnessed first-hand the dot-com boom and bust, the housing crisis and the COVID-19 bust and boom. We were inspired to develop technology that improves the way to grow capital with defined risk. We leverage university research and the open-source community as well as our own R&D efforts and we validate our algorithms live in the markets for months prior to making them available to customers. We leverage digital commercial platforms and ecosystems as we believe this is the future of self-managed trading. We play a major role in developing the technology ecosystem that brings wealth creation to the masses and we are bound by principle to support fair and transparent markets. ​ Developing best-in-class organisations is a passion and expertise area for us. We offer our consulting services to help organizations clarify and accelerate their strategy, align leadership teams and segment their marketplace to align sales, marketing and product.


Research into signal-processing fused with machine learning, open-source makers, commercial platforms and ecosystems !

We are building our technology stack on top of commercial retail brokerage platforms and copy-trading ecosystems. We leverage the latest University research, strike collaborations with researchers and leverage the latest open source code on financial asset price predictions. Leveraging the hundreds of millions of dollars in digital platform investment - allows us to focus on trading strategy technology and iterate fast. The result is a  technology first, highly leveraged, technology-stack and methodology for delivering wealth management products and services that create abundance.

Aieden Technologies Algorithmic Trading
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